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Pros And Cons Of Having Chrome Wheels

Pros and Cons of having Chrome Wheels

When appropriately maintained, chrome wheels will last many years because they have one of the strongest wheel coatings. The electroplating procedure makes chrome wheels highly resilient and tolerant to corrosion, in addition to rendering a polished finish. But this sturdiness depends on regular maintenance. If chrome wheels aren’t maintained properly they can become dirty and murky rapidly; and over an extended time period, can deteriorate and lead to flaking because of accumulated brake dust and road salts.

The majority of wheels today are cast aluminium alloy. Even high-quality aluminium is very difficult to electroplate because aluminium is an extremely active metal that instantly forms an oxide skin, and you can’t plate oxides. So the first step is always a zincate replacement process, which lacks the adhesion of electroplating. So the odds are that the bonding of the plating to the casting is poor in at least a spot or two, which will become apparent in use over a few years, revealing itself as peeling.

Plus, is it really possible to keep from touching a curb day after day, year after year?

The aluminium is very soft and will gouge, breaking the plating, and even if the damage is very slight, no repair to the plating is possible and the wheel is history.




-Chrome wheels have a distinctive mirror-like shine, they are robust and highly resistant to rust and the elements.
-Chrome wheels are made stronger and more hard-wearing because they are electroplated with metal.


-Chroming is made up of several layers to achieve the desired finish, so the weight adds up, which can potentially negate the performance advantage that lightweight wheels can bring to a car.

-Chrome can start to flake off the wheel if it is not properly taken care of or was a poorly done chroming job (cheap wheels). If that happens the wheels have to be stripped and re-chromed.

– Nickel-chrome plating is a barrier-layer type of plating, it does nor protect the substrate if it gets scratched. Quite the opposite: if there is a scratch, the exposed aluminum and the nickel plating comprise a powerful corrosion battery that will cause the aluminum to pit and/or erupt in ugly little corrosion pimples/volcanos.

-Look at the warranty. Few manufacturers will guarantee them more than a year. But I doubt you’ll find a long-term all-inclusive guarantee on chrome plated aluminum wheels because it’s just too difficult to plate them right.



A habit of washing and polishing chrome wheels on a regular basis will keep chrome wheels sturdy emitting pristine looks for many years.

The first thing towards shielding chrome wheels is to keep it clean. When chrome wheels are rinsed on a regular basis, it will assist averting formation of brake dust and salt residues, which can be tough to clean after it’s accumulated. Using a pressure nozzle or hose, you can rinse chrome wheels effortlessly and it doesn’t require much of the time.

Once rinsing is done, a systematic wash is required to eliminate any hard grime, dirt or residue.

clean chrome wheelsChrome wheels can be washed with the most common automotive wheel cleaners. But using specialised chrome cleaners provide quick and fantastic results, and can be practical for mainly unyielding residues. Alternately, warm water and a basic solution of a non-acidic liquid soap can also be used. Using a soft-bristled brush, scrub the wheels thoroughly.
Chrome is a plating process for wheels and other parts that involves applying several layers of metals, including nickel and sometimes copper, followed by the chrome plating. The end result is a mirror-like finish and a brilliant shine.

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