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Fixarim Quality Rim Repair 2

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

Our repairs start at $155 incl. GST for our gutter rash repairs, and increases slightly depending on the level of damage.

Are you a mobile service?

Yes. Currently we service the Greater Brisbane Area, Ipswich, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast and can come to your home or office to repair this for you. Alternatively, you may come to our workshop for a repair. You can find more details on our Location Page.

How can I book an appointment to have my wheel repaired?

We will first require photos of the wheels, which you may send through via SMS or email. Once you have sent these through please inform us where you would like these repaired and we can respond with a quote. Our quote will contain the cost of your repair, our next available booking time in your location and information regarding our repair process. You can get a quote clicking on this link.

Do the wheels need to come off of the car?

The wheels can stay on the car when conducting the repair, this helps to make the repair quick and efficient and spares you the cost of a wheel realignment.

Will your technician need keys to the car for the repair?

It will depend on the level of damage on your wheel. If the damage is extensive they will be required so our technician can put the car into neutral so they can have access to all angles of the wheels.

What process do your technicians use for your repairs?

An all important step for a FIXARIM alloy repair repair is to clean the wheel/s thoroughly to expose all the areas that will need to be treated and repaired. In most cases, we will not need to remove the wheels from the car as all damaged areas are exposed.

The next step is to hard sand away the surface of the alloy wheel. This removes all damage and prepares the surface for a quality wheel repair. If the area is not properly prepared with hard sanding, you will find your alloy wheel repair will not last. FIXARIM understands the importance of all the steps of an alloy wheel repair.

Soft sanding is a delicate process where the aim is to create the smoothest possible surface. If any shape is lost to your wheel due to hard sanding and soft sanding, an alloy compound will be used to re-create the exact shape. This step is, however optional, depending on how deep the gouges or scratches might be.


What kind of finish can I expect on the wheels after the repair?

A machine finish is achieved on a wheel by the wheel’s entire face being cut, flattening and polishing the surface of the rim. This provides a high shine finish. You can tell if your wheel is machine finish, as this process leaves tiny concentric lines in the finish making it look somewhat like a CD. However, we are able to conduct machine face wheel repairs in a mobile service by sanding away the curb damage, filling the gauges and matching the existing color.

Restoring a machine face wheel to a ‘factory finish’ requires a full recut of the face of the rims using a CNC machine. This can be extremely costly (up to 3x the price) and involves much longer turnaround time of a few days at a time.

FIXARIM provides SMART, CONVENIENT machine face wheel repairs that are time and cost efficient. This process will leave the wheel as close to the factory finish as possible. Your wheels will still be sealed with a clear-coat which will protect it from water and air that can cause corrosion.

Am I able to pay via credit card or will I need to pay in cash? And will it be cheaper if I pay in cash?

Our technicians are equipped with EFTPOS machines and can process payment upon completion of the repair. Correct change will be required if you choose to pay with cash. Our prices do not change depending on method of payment.

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Fixarim Quality Rim Repair 2



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