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Machine Faced Wheels Repairs

Machine Faced Wheels Repairs


Machine faced wheels are quite popular at the moment. The bare metal look is a modern approach to the not-so-popular-anymore chrome wheels. This unique finish is achieved by having the wheel’s entire face being cut, flattening and polishing the surface of the rim. This provides a high shine finish. You can tell if your wheel is machine finished, as this process leaves tiny concentric lines in the finish making it look somewhat like a CD.

Bentley machine faced

Machine Faced Wheel lines (Photo by FXARIM).


This type of wheel can be very costly to replace with genuine wheels, prices range from $600 per wheel all the way up to $3000 per wheel. Restoring a machine face wheel to a ‘factory finish’ requires a full recut of the face of the rims using a CNC machine. This can be extremely costly and involves much longer turnaround time of a few days at a time.

FIXARIM provides SMART, CONVENIENT machine face wheel repairs that are time and cost efficient. This process will leave the wheel close to factory finishing, however, if you have a keen eye for detail and go over the repair you might spot a minor difference where the wheel repair has been conducted. We will sand and polish out the damage and then spray a light coat of silver onto the repaired area to blend in the repair work. We finish the repair sealing with clear-coat which will protect it from water and air that can cause corrosion.

See below an example of our repairs on a machine faced wheel.

Machine Faced Wheel conducted on site by FIXARIM.

Machine faced wheels can alternatively be polished instead. We try to be as transparent as possible with our customers about the final finish after the polish.

In this process we use multiple grits to smooth the damaged area of the wheel. Once that is finished the wheel is polished and clear coated.

That is not our preferred repair method as you can see the clear demarcation line and smoothing marks.

Before: Machine faced wheel with cracks on clear. After: Polished finish by FIXARIM.

If you hit the gutter or just feel like your wheels are not as mint as they used to be, reach out to us.We will be more than happy to assist you finding the best repair.

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