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We will Sanitise & Disinfect the inside of your car for $25 with every repair.

The health of our customers and our technicians is our top priority!

Fixarim Quality Rim Repair 2





“My wheels are always dirty”

“My Windscreen is always dirty”

“My headlights are covered in bugs”

Sound Familiar?


Collars & Cuffs

Fixarim will coat your wheels, windscreen, mirrors & lights to screen and preserve the original showroom finish with a Quartz Glass ‘Pomponazzi Pack‘ all for the exclusive price of $490


Black Tie

Fixarim will give your car a comprehensive detail and coat your entire car to preserve the original showroom finish with a Quartz Glass ‘Pomponazzi Pack‘ all for the exclusive price of $1250



Fixarim will give your car a comprehensive detail before correcting the paintwork and then coating your entire car to preserve the original showroom finish with a Quartz Glass ‘Pomponazzi Pack’ complete with a 5 year guarantee all for the exclusive price of $2500



Three monthly full wash using Pomponazzi Multi-Purpose Agent. Coating with Pomponazzi Balsoo all for the exclusive VIP price of $245*


*$150 if applied at Murarrie. SUV. POA

All prices exclusive of GST

Fixarim exclusive detailing is now an approved applicator for the POMPONAZZI QUARTZ GLASS coating system. Application to cars combines a showroom finish with full paint protection. The Pomponazzi unique formula allows application of the coating to paint, windows, rubbers, plastics, wheels and tyres.

We can even coat your sunnies. 😎

Brake dust on wheels is difficult to remove at the best of times, application of our Quartz Glass coatings prevents the dust from eating into your rims. Windscreens maintain a full clear vision including beyond the reach of the wiper blade ensuring comprehensive visibility for comfort and safety. Side mirrors stay clean and clear.

No more scraping the bugs off the bonnet and bumper POMPONAZZI QUARTZ GLASS coatings create a barrier that protects and keeps your car pristine.

1800 FIXRIM (349746)



What is Pomponazzi?

Pomponazzi is the ultimate paint protection system, consisting of real Quartz glass. The Pomponazzi range of products contains one of the highest purities of S102 (silica Dioxide) available on the market!


How long does it last? 

The 880XX Pomponazzi coating is covered by a 5 year warranty and with proper maintenance will easily stand up to the tough Australian conditions.



For a comprehensive paint protection pack for your entire car please ask for a quote. All detailing services are available including detailing of marine vessels and detailing of aircraft. The Fixarim detailing service uses only the very best and most durable of detailing products. Our detailing service may not be the cheapest but that is because if you want the detailing of your vehicle to last then the very best detailing products must be used.

Get a quote.

Fixarim Quality Rim Repair 2



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