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Cleaning Wheels

7 Rules to follow when cleaning your alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are often the dirtiest part of your car because they are constantly exposed to elements like corrosive brake dust, ocean salt, stones, sticky…

Buckled Rim

Bent or Buckled Wheels

Damaged rims are more than an embarrassing blemish on your vehicle’s appearance. A bent rim can be quite dangerous to drive on, can lead to…

October Speed And FUN

October Car Events

Car lovers rejoice, October is bringing you options on every single weekend of the month. October might be well known for its beer German festival but…

Pros and Cons of having Chrome Wheels

When appropriately maintained, chrome wheels will last many years because they have one of the strongest wheel coatings. The electroplating procedure makes chrome wheels highly…

Wheel Repair September Special

September Alloy Wheel Repair Special

It’s spring cleaning time and your car wheels should definitely be on that list. And to make sure it will be, we are offering our starting price…

Fixarim Alloy Wheel Repair

How are alloy Wheels made?

The right set of alloy wheels can really individualize a car and change the appearance dramatically. With so many options on the market, it does…

Wheels Repaired And Tyres Fitted 2

Wheels and Tyres

If one comes without the other, you're in for trouble Curbing an alloy wheel certainly is a pain for any car owner. But that pain…

Alloy Wheel Repairs And Car Detailing 2

Get your alloy wheel repaired and score a car detailing discount

Get your wheels repaired and your entire car looking like new again All FIXARIM customers will now receive a 10% discount off services with iValet…

Cars And Coffee Sponsor

Cars & Coffee August

FIXARIM are proud to be a new sponsor of Cars & Coffee Brisbane. We'll get together to share our passion for cars & coffee during…

Fixarim Current Wheel Repairs Specials 2

Time to get your wheels back to new!

FIXARIM is now offering 10% off on any quotes we have given! This is your chance to get the life back to your wheels with…

FIXARIM Workshop

New Services Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that the FIXARIM Workshop is well underway, and will be up & running within the next month! This means we…

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Fixarim Quality Rim Repair 2



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