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Detailing With Fixarim

Detailing with Fixarim


Fixarim is proud to announce a brand-new division to our lengthy list of services. Detailing is now offered alongside our other professional and high-class services. We offer anything from a weekly maintenance wash, to a high-tier multi-day paint restoration and protection in our exciting and innovative Fixarim Quartz Glass Studio, equipped with 2 full parking bays, detailing lights and only the best in detailing equipment to help us reach that perfect finish on your investment.


Just after the Weekly Wash?
We understand life can get very busy, that’s why we offer a completely mobile weekly wash package, for as little as $65, watch your car transform from the lounge room window as we decontaminate, wash, dry and vacuum your car or bike.
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Alright, the car needs more than just your average wash…
On top of the weekly wash (bronze package), there are many mobile & in-house services we provide to rejuvenate your ride. Starting at $250, the Silver package includes a wide array of extra services, including engine bay, door jams, interior and exterior glass cleaned, and the interior wiped over to get rid of the dust.
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Where it all Started

Dull, weathered or Scratched Paint?
No matter how long you have owned your car, unless you keep it in a dust free bubble out of the sun, your car’s paint doesn’t stand a chance against nature’s worst, and improper washing over years can really take a toll. Starting at just $495, Fixarim Gold and Platinum class detailing packages include a full paint decontamination to get rid of microscopic dirt particles, followed by a single or dual stage cutting and polishing compound. This will reduce the number of water marks, swirl marks, light scratches, excess paint or potential key marks by up to 95%. Leaving your car with a silky smooth, high gloss and super clean paintwork. A showroom finish that lasts.
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Let’s go ALL OUT!
Collars & Cuffs, Black Tie and the Tuxedo. These are the names of our high-tier, multi-day, car restoration packages on offer here at Fixarim HQ. The packages are guaranteed to make your car look better than it did when it came off the showroom floor. Check out our Quartz Glass Studio gallery on our website. We use the world’s #1 Automotive coating, Pomponazzi used by the Russian Federation for their state cars.
This extremely Hydrophobic Quartz Glass Coating is applied to the vehicle and allowed to cure to create a rock-hard glass barrier between your car’s paint and the world around it ensuring and guaranteed to maintain a showroom finish for at least 5 years.
These packages can range between $550 and $2500+, so make sure to email us at or call up on 1300 349 274 to chat with our friendly team.
For more information, visit: and select Collars & Cuffs, Black Tie or Tuxedo

Need any more reasons to book your car in with Brisbane’s finest? Call up today on 1300 349 274 or e-mail us at to find out more.

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