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We will Sanitise & Disinfect the inside of your car for $25 with every repair.

The health of our customers and our technicians is our top priority!

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Pomponazzi Coating Package

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Think you deserve the best? So do we!

Fixarim will give your car a comprehensive detail before correcting the paintwork and coating the entire car with a Quartz Glass “Pomponazzi Coating” to preserve the original showroom finish. We use a Quartz Glass Pomponazzi Coating complete with a 5 Year Guarantee

No compromises… If you want the ultimate in vehicle protection look no further than what the worlds richest use to protect their investments. there is no cutting corners in this Royalty VIP Pomponazzi Package.

In this pack, our experienced Detailing Technicians completely correct and protect the paint, lights, glass and wheels for a full 5 years! Not only that, but your ride will be easier to clean and look incredibly glossy like no other car on the road!

Stand out from the crowd, become a VIP and protect your car with the Worlds #1 Quartz Glass Coating!

So… Whats in Fixarim’s most Prestigious and Exclusive Detailing Package?

  • Entire car Snow Foam Washed
  • Wheels Fully Deironised and Hand Washed (off car if necessary)
  • High pressure Rinse
  • 2 Bucket Wash Method
  • Entire Car Decontaminated with a Clay Bar
  • Microfiber Dried
  • Entire car meticulously Paint Corrected over several days using various Microfiber/Foam Pads and Different Compounds to get the most flawless finish possible.
  • Entire car Alcohol Wiped and checked for Blemishes/Spots/Scratches
  • Entire Car coated in a Quartz Glass “Pomponazzi Coating”
  • Wheels Coated and Refitted (if necessary)
  • Glass Coated
  • Headlights Coated
  • Tyres Dressed
  • Wheel Arches Cleaned and Dressed
  • Exhaust Tips Polished/Cleaned
  • Interior Vacuumed
  • Interior vinyls and rubbers Restored and Protected
  • Interior Spot Cleaned
  • Exterior and Interior Glass Cleaned

At Fixarim, our Detailing Technicians don’t cut corners.  This multi-day detail is the most meticulous and prestigious detail around. Get the “Tuxedo” Quartz Glass Pomponazzi Package today from only $2500+gst



Call Fixarim on 1800 FIXARIM (349 247) or email us at and make your car shine like it did the day you got it!

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